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Annual Leadership Award

2005 Recipient

Sandra Record, R.N.
Burgess Record, M.D.
Western Maine Center for Heart Health, Farmington

John E. Wennberg, MD, MPHThe Dan Hanley Memorial Trust is honored to recognize Sandy and Burgess Record for their courage, innovation and vision. The Records' outstanding leadership over the past three decades has made a demonstrable difference in the health of the citizens of Franklin County and the State of Maine. Working as a team, the couple has employed a combination of good patient care and population-based public health approaches to develop a unique model of success in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

The Records' innovative and collaborative approach has inspired countless health care professionals across Maine to commit themselves to initiatives aimed at decreasing the terrible toll that hypertension, tobacco use, obesity, diabetes and inactivity take on the hearts of Maine people. As a nurse and physician team, the Records have taken advantage of the best that both of these professions can offer.

Thanks in large part to their intense commitment, tenacity, hard work and leadership, Franklin County has established itself as Maine's premier center of excellence for disease prevention and health promotion. Sandy and Burgess Record's work exemplifies Dr. Dan Hanley's core values and have made a real difference in saving lives and improving the overall health of their community.

In earning this recognition, the Records join two highly distinguished colleagues who have previously been honored with the Dan Hanley Leadership Award:

Stephen Shannon, D.O. (2003)

John Wennberg, M.D. (2004)