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Health Management Coalition To Receive 2008 Hanley Leadership Award

One of Maine's most accomplished multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives has been selected as the recipient of the 2008 Hanley Leadership Award.

The Maine Health Management Coalition has been a driving force in efforts to improve quality across the state of Maine for more than a decade. The Coalition's pioneering work in quality measurement, reporting and consumer engagement has drawn national interest and made a real difference in improving care in Maine.

The Coalition's substantial achievements demonstrate its commitment to the values recognized each year by the Hanley Award, including leadership, courage, innovation, impact and hard work.

The 2008 Award will be presented at the Center's annual Leadership Award Luncheon on Monday, November 10 at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. Keynote speaker will be the distinguished medical researcher Dr. John Wennberg, the 2004 recipient of the

Hanley Leadership Award.
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Deadline is October 21.

For more information, contact Jim Harnar at or call 207-523-1501.

Background, Eligibility & Criteria

The Hanley Leadership Award is one of Maine’s most prestigious honors. Each year, the Award recognizes a healthcare professional, organization, team or initiative that embodies Dr. Dan Hanley’s values.

Since the Award’s inception in 2003, honorees have included Stephen Shannon, D.O, M.P.H., at the time of the award, Dean of the University of New England College of Medicine (2003); nationally known medical researcher John Wennberg, M.D., M.P.H., Chair of the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Services at Dartmouth Medical School (2004); and highly regarded Franklin County clinicians Sandra Record, R.N. and Burgess Record, M.D. (2005) and diabetes treatment pioneer Ann Gahagan, F.N.P. of Caribou (2006); Robert Ritchie, M.D., the father of Maine’s biotech industry (2007).

Summary of Eligibility and Criteria

Please note that the Hanley Center has expanded eligibility for the Hanley Leadership Award. Organizations, teams, partnerships and collaborative initiatives are now eligible for selection, as are individuals. Nominees must reside in Maine (or be based in Maine). Their achievements must have had an impact on improving health and healthcare at the community, region and/or state levels. The nominee’s work should reflect the values exemplified by Dr. Hanley, including:

The nominee’s work led to improvements in health and healthcare at the community or state levels.

Collaboration and Inclusion
The nominee’s achievements required collaboration among multiple organizations/parties.

The nominee’s work showed vision and leadership by leading a group to significant action.

The nominee’s achievements challenged conventional wisdom and peer thinking.

Hard Work
The nominee’s achievements required a significant or sustained effort and overcame substantial obstacles in order to be successful.

The nominee's achievements represented a new and significant approach for improving health and healthcare.

The nominee showed kindness in achieving the outcome and all parties involved were treated with fairness and kindness.


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