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Annual Leadership Award

2006 Keynote Address: George Mitchell on leadership

Senator George MitchellThe Dan Hanley Center For Health Leadership was pleased to welcome former U.S. Senator George Mitchell as keynote speaker at the Center’s Annual Award Luncheon. George J. Mitchell represented the people of Maine in the U.S. Senate during an illustrious 14-year career that began in 1980. In 1989, he became Senate majority leader and held that position until he left the Senate in 1995.

Senator Mitchell’s landmark legislation establishing the federal Agency for Health Research & Quality (AHRQ) was influenced by Dr. Dan Hanley, Dr. John Wennberg and others, who helped the Senator understand how research on medical practice variations and other issues could lead directly to improved quality and outcomes.

Over the years Senator Mitchell has developed strong views on what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s complex and challenging environment. He shared some of those thoughts and more during his remarks, and challenged the Luncheon audience to become more personally involved in building a stronger health care delivery and financing system. The Senator then assisted in the presentation of the Fourth Annual Dan Hanley Leadership Award.