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Annual Leadership Award

2007 Keynote Address: Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Keynote Address

Jeff GoldsmithJeff Goldsmith, Ph.D. President and Founder, Health Futures, Inc Jeff Goldsmith is one of the nation’s premier health care futurists. For more than 25 years he has studied major health care trends and advised employers and leaders about how they can prepare for the challenges—and the opportunities—that will unfold in the years ahead. Jeff brings a national perspective as well as extensive knowledge of the Maine environment based on work he has done in this state.

His address will help you and your organization better understand and deal with the factors that will affect all of us as our population ages. Jeff will also offer insight into steps that leaders can take today to guide their organizations through the dynamic years that lie ahead. His presentation will be of substantial interest to everyone who has a stake in the future of health and health care in Maine: employers, providers and others who are committed to achieving high quality, affordable care and improved health for Maine people. The Institute for Civic Leadership and The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership invite you to join us for this special evening as we recognize outstanding collaborative leadership in Maine’s health sector and hear one of the nation’s leading futurists, Jeff Goldsmith, describe what he sees on the health care horizon in Maine and throughout the nation.