Catalyzing collaboration, innovation & values driven leadership

Annual Report


The Trust began the year by adopting the mission of "Building a foundation of health care leaders that apply Dan's values to improve health and health care in Maine and beyond". It was agreed by all that the Trust had three objectives: 1) to honor Dan and remember his accomplishments, 2) to recognize similar courage and innovation in health care, and 3) to develop a foundation of leadership that recognizes the values that made his accomplishments possible. The Trust identified those values as: inclusion and collaboration, courage, hard work, innovation, kindness, and leadership.

The Trust was very successful in engaging others in the vision of the Trust and obtained sponsorship and commitment from the following key organizations: Maine Medical Association, Maine Medical Mutual Insurance Co, Inc., Maine Osteopathic Association, Maine Health Information Center, The Bingham Program, Anthem, MaineHealth, and Peoples Bank. These sponsors in addition to the individuals who provided financial support have allowed us to move forward with the Trust.

In April of last year, we announced to the Maine health care community that we were interested in honoring an individual or organization that had performed innovative work that was value driven and made a difference in the lives of patients and communities in Maine. The Trust received sixty-five nominations from out-of-state and throughout Maine. They were individuals, teams and organizations that covered a wide range of health care services including direct medical care, community based coalitions, dental and mental health services, patient safety, family planning, research and development and much more. It was an honor for all of us to read about the innovative work that is being done in Maine by such dedicated individuals. We were very pleased to award the first annual Dan Hanley Leadership Award to Stephen Shannon, D.O., the Dean of the University of New England Medical School. In an effort to communicate with as many people as possible, we developed a Dan Hanley Trust web site. You can access the website at

In June 2003, the Trust succeeded in holding a prestigious and meaningful health care Forum where leading healthcare professionals came together to support the Hanley Trust to begin discussions about issues and challenges facing medical and health care today in Maine. These leaders addressed three key questions:

  1. What is our vision of good health and healthcare in Maine in 2008?
  2. How will we measure success?
  3. What activities will be needed to achieve measurable success?

The Forum produced a summary of the discussions from that day that is intended to support existing efforts, inspire further critical conversations and, where needed, catalyze additional collaboration and suggest priorities for young value driven leaders to analyze, discuss and perhaps present their suggestions at future forums. In a follow-up survey of all attendees, we received very strong supportive feedback for the need for an annual Forum and we had many suggestions for future topics and additional attendees.

In October 2003, we hired Alice Chapin as a part-time Executive Director for the Trust. Ms. Chapin was President of the Maine Health Information Center for 18 years and she brings a great deal of experience with the Maine health care community to the Trust.

Plans are underway for the 2004 Annual Dan Hanley Forum that will be held at Bowdoin on June 17 and 18, 2004. Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Director of The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will be the luncheon keynote speaker. A committee has been established to develop the focus for the Forum and to provide the oversight on many of the details for another successful event.

A statewide solicitation for nominees for the 2004 annual Dan Hanley Leadership Award will be released in March 2004. We will also revisit the nominees made in 2003. A committee will be working on the announcement of the award and will be working hard to review all nominations. The award recipient will be recognized at the Forum luncheon on June 18, 2004.

Last, we are moving forward with a fund raising campaign to raise funds to continue to support the annual activities of the Trust and to grow the corpus of the Trust. We will be contacting Dan's friends and colleagues, county medical societies, foundations and others to solicit financial support for the Trust.

We want to thank you again for your support and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for the Trust as we go forward. We will stay in touch and will share with you our successes as we go forward.

Sean Hanley, M.D.
Chair, Hanley Trust Board of Directors