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Annual Report


Throughout his lifetime, Dan Hanley tackled problems with an eye to operationalizing solutions. The Trust recognizes that Dan would have wanted anything accomplished by the Trust to be real and meaningful. The second year of the Trust (2004) was very successful in engaging others in the vision of the Trust and obtaining sponsorship and financial commitment from several health care organizations.

This report provides a summary of the work accomplished in 2004 related to the infrastructure of the Trust, the annual Hanley Health Care Forum, the annual Dan Hanley Leadership Award, the Hanley Trust Fellows Program, and fund raising.

Hanley Trust Infrastructure

During 2004, a part-time Executive Director was hired to assist the Trust in establishing a more formal organization and in developing the Trust’s programs.

A Board of Directors was established and governing principles were developed and adopted. An Executive Committee of the Board was developed as well as ad hoc Forum and Award committees comprised of Hanley Trust Board members and other interested parties.

During 2004, the Hanley Trust has become known as one of the stakeholders in the Maine health care community.

The Annual Hanley Leadership Forum

The June 2004 Forum focused on developing a Maine collaborative model for adopting and implementing screening and risk factor reduction guidelines as they are released nationally for implementation. Statewide participants in the Forum represented payors, hospitals, practitioners (physicians, nurses, rural health centers), health care delivery systems (PHO's, home health agencies), public health groups and community based Healthy Maine Coalitions, state agencies (Bureau of Health, Governor's Office on Health, Policy and Finance, Legislature), employers, health educators, and quality assurance coordinators.

The 2004 Forum was program oriented and efforts were made to involve all members of the health community, not just direct caregivers, and to include representatives from many areas both urban and rural in the state. It was believed that the Trust and its Leadership Forum could be particularly helpful in this regard, by providing a high-level but neutral arena in which top health care leaders are encouraged and supported to forge substantive agreements about policy, collaboration, and resources.

The new Obesity Guideline was used as a test guideline for developing a model for: 1) advancing adoption of the obesity guideline in primary care, acute care, and community settings and 2) identifying and building a generic model that can be used by Maine's healthcare leadership in developing, recommending, and supporting an implementation approach for other guideline as they are released.

The 2004 Forum participants adopted the following vision and recommendations for action:


A comprehensive statewide Healthy Weight Initiative improves health and quality of life for Maine people.

Strategies for Action

  1. Develop a statewide Healthy Weight Coalition.
  2. Develop and gain endorsement of standardized protocols and tools for implementation of the Obesity Guideline.
  3. Address healthy weight in health plan benefits packages.
  4. Put a statewide tracking system in place with baselines.
  5. Implement the Obesity Guideline and healthy weight initiatives across health care, employer, and community-based settings.
  6. Develop and implement public education plans.
  7. Address healthy weight at the policy level and through the Dirigo Process.
  8. Develop and implement pilot projects and initiatives.

Based on the Action Plan adopted at the 2004 Forum, the Hanley Trust has entered into a contractual relationship with the Maine Center for Public Health to expand the mission of the Maine Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity to include adults. The Center has expanded its Steering Committee membership to include three additional members recommended by the Hanley Trust, a day long symposium on obesity is being planned for May 2005, the Bureau of Health has contributed funds to join the Hanley Trust efforts in this area and other funding sources are being approached to gain support for pilot sites to implement the obesity guideline. The Maine Primary Care Association is also working closely with this initiative as they develop a protocol for implementing the obesity guideline in their rural health centers.

The Dan Hanley Leadership Award

The Hanley Leadership Award is intended to recognize an individual whose innovative work is making a difference in Maine health care, that will stand the test of time, and who reflects all of the values exemplified by Dr. Hanley (i.e., collaboration and inclusion, courage, hard work, innovation, kindness, and leadership). Based on the first two years’ experience, the Hanley Award is considered highly prestigious within Maine’s health care community. The annual award gives the Trust a powerful opportunity to “put a face on” and publicize the kinds of commitment and work we are seeking to promote in Maine.

Carolyn Clancy, M.D., Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) was the keynote speaker at the luncheon. Dr. Clancy addressed the role of her agency in providing scientific evidence to improve outcomes, quality, and safety of health care.

Dr. Jack Wennberg was the recipient of the 2004 award. Dr. Wennberg is the Peggy Y. Thomson Chair of the Center for Evaluative Clinical Services at Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Wennberg has a long history with Maine starting in the early 1970’s when he worked with Dan Hanley, John Putnam, and David Soule to establish a statewide hospital discharge database. Jack was among the first to develop population-based research of healthcare utilization, noting significant variations in physician practice patterns in Maine. This work led to three articles on small area variation published in 1976 in the Journal of the Maine Medical Association under the guidance of its editor, Daniel Hanley, MD. This seminal work was the springboard for Dan’s formation of the Maine Medical Assessment Program. Dr. Wennberg’s early work and Dan’s ability to act on this work helped to establish the reputation of Maine physicians nationally. Dr. Wennberg is renowned for his work on geographic variations of healthcare delivery and has published numerous articles in the world’s best medical journals. Jack Wennberg truly exemplifies the qualities so admired in Dan Hanley: collaboration and inclusion, courage, hard work, innovation, kindness, and leadership.

The Hanley Fellows Program

The Hanley Trust firmly believes that one of the most powerful investments we can make to improve health outcomes in Maine is in fostering value-driven, collaborative, evidence-based health care leadership. This is the rationale for the Trust’s newest initiative, the Hanley Fellows Program, whose goal is to nurture and mentor the next generation of Maine’s health care leaders. There is currently no organized opportunity in Maine for emerging health care leaders to network and be mentored by leaders outside of their respective organizations.

Every two years, the Trust plans to select 3 to 5 Hanley Fellows, who will be emerging health professionals who have completed their formal professional education and are working in a Maine health care organization or practicing medicine in Maine.

Initially, Hanley Trust Board members will nominate candidates for the Fellows Program and three to five Fellows will be selected every two years. The established Fellows Committee will do the initial review including personal interviews, reference checking, and establishing there will be commitment and support for the candidate from the candidate’s employer. The Committee will recommend to the Hanley Trust Board the Fellows for the upcoming year. The Trust Board will make the final determination.

Each Fellow will be assigned a mentor after discussions with both the mentor and Fellow. Every attempt will be made to match the mentor and Fellow based on interests and similar styles. The work with the mentor will be focused on the work of the mentor and real life working experiences.

The twenty-four month Fellows program will be divided into three segments. It is estimated that the time required of a Fellow will be approximately 1 – 2 days a month including all meetings. This amount of time amounts to approximately 5 –10% of a FTE.


The Trust is very appreciative of the financial support it has received form individual and organizations to date. The financial support is a great tribute to the work Dan Hanley did and support for the work of the Trust.

The Dan Hanley Memorial Trust Supporters
2002- 2004

Gold Medal Sponsors - $5,000 and greater

Anthem Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine
Bakken Foundation Maine Health Access Foundation
Betterment Fund Peoples Bank
Bingham Program Maria Hanley
Cumberland County Medical Society Helen Johnson

Silver Medal Sponsors - $1,000 - $4,999

Maine Health Information Center Sharon (Hanley) Vitousek, M.D.
Maine Health Management Coalition Robert Baldwin
Maine Medical Association Connie Chisolm
Maine Osteopathic Association Judith Flynn
Medical Care Development Sheila Hanley
MaineHealth Richard Reddy
Sean Hanley, M.D. H. Allen Ryan
Daniel Hanley, M.D. John Wasileski
Robert McAfee, M.D.

Bronze Medal Sponsors – up to $999

John Andrews Richard Dillihunt
Ms. Barbara Arnold Mrs. Carrey Donovan
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Barnard Mrs. Emerson Drake
Mr. &; Mrs. Andre Benoit John Duff
Nelson Blackburn Steven Frost
Mathew Branche Dan J. Gacetta
Carl Brinkman Albert Gibbons
William Carney Mrs. Katherine Gibbons
Mrs. Mary Wilson Carpenter Bernard Givertz
Richard Chamberlin Gerard Goldstein
Honorable Frank Coffin Philip Good
Andrew Iverson Mrs. Jotham Pierce
Mrs. Judy Kamin Mr. & Mrs. John Putnam
Robert Keller Michael J. Quinlan
Francis I. Kittredge Patricia Quinlan
Harry Kubetz Thomas M. Quinlan
Elroy O. Lacasse Fred Radke
Dr. & Mrs. John LaCasse Mrs. Lawrence F. Rakovan
Samuel Ladd Frank Read
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leonard Roger Renfrew
Ms. Cetta Leonardi Hugh Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. John Leslie Dr. Sharon Rosen
Dan Levine Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ryan
John Libby William Saltonstall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Libby Dr. Robert Scalettar
Michael Linkovich Hubert S. Shaw
Mrs. Helen Longley Terrance Sheehan, M.D.
David Lovely, M.D. Sanford Sistare
Mr. & Mrs. James W. MacAllen Mr. & Mrs. John St. Onge
William MacVane Mrs. Jan Stowell
Mr. & Mrs. George Marcus Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan
Thomas Martin Walter Szumoski
Robert K. Maxwell Clayton Thomas
Buell Miller Robert Timothy
Stephen Monaghan Dr. Meredith Tipton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morrell Mr. & Mrs. Harry Warren
Edward Morse Richard Whitmore
Lawrence Mutty Theodore Wilson
Austin Nichols George Wood
Dan Onion Mrs. William B. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Paris Elihue York
Douglass Pennoyer