Catalyzing collaboration, innovation & values driven leadership

Health Leadership Development (HLD)

Core Competencies

The HLD will provide emerging and evolving health and healthcare leaders with the opportunity to develop the following competencies:

Collaborative and facilitative tools needed by leaders to bring together diverse stakeholders to better understand and address challenges facing health and healthcare in Maine.

Ability to understand Maine’s health sector environment, and to apply sound analytical and ethical reasoning to resolve and improve Maine’s health system performance

Deeper understanding of leadership as cognitive, analytical and intuitive. Greater trust as a leader in employing intuitive skills to be able to look beyond competition and political pressures.

Increased understanding of self and others. Reflection on personal strengths, challenges and own standards of integrity, leading to greater courage and self-confidence as a leader.

Practice respecting and appreciating culturally diverse leadership styles, creating sustainable relationships across difference, and influencing and building inclusive systems and networks.

Increased understanding of the importance of using information, including translating data, evidence, information and cultural perspectives to knowledge, then to action.

Renewed personal vision, hope and energy for making a leadership contribution to the health of Maine people.