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Health Leadership Development (HLD)

Statewide Health Leadership Program Enters Second Year

The Hanley Center and the Institute for Civic Leadership are proud to announce the formation of the second statewide Health Leadership Development (HDL) Class. The class, made up of 31 highly-accomplished leaders from across Maine, will assemble in late September in Hallowell.

The Hanley Center and ICL partnered in 2006 to design a national-calibre program aimed at providing emerging and evolving leaders with the skills, knowledge, confidence and relationships they need to be effective leaders in Maine’s increasingly complex, competitive and demanding healthcare environment.

Thirty-two emerging and evolving healthcare leaders from across Maine were selected for the inaugural class that assembled last fall for a 15-day, multi-month program that took take place in central Maine.

Participants develop a wide range of core leadership competencies and build their knowledge of key issues, trends and public policy through case studies, speakers and readings

The first HLD class included a diverse mix of clinicians, administrators, public health leaders, government officials and policymakers, academics, payers, employers, attorneys and others. The class included individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are involved in Maine's health and healthcare community.

Why Has This Program Been Developed? Maine’s healthcare environment is becoming more complex and competitive than ever before. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for healthcare providers, consumers, payers, employers, policymakers and others to find solutions to the problems of access, quality and affordability. Maine needs more leaders with the vision, skills and relationships to effectively tackle complex issues and build a strong health delivery and coverage system for the future. Tomorrow’s leaders must be collaborative, courageous, confident, connected and compassionate. They must have the ability to look beyond competitive and political issues and provide leadership that will be in the best interests of all Maine citizens.

Who Has Developed The Program?The HLD program has been developed with the active involvement of a 24-member Advisory Committee that includes a wide range of stakeholders from throughout Maine. A highly-experienced Design Team has helped shape the curriculum.

For More Information: Contact Jim Harnar or Ellen Grant