Catalyzing collaboration, innovation & values driven leadership

A Vision for the future

Since its founding in 2002, the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership has worked to build best binary options indicators a solid foundation of healthcare leadership for Maine’s future.

Our Mission
To catalyze a sustainable culture of collaboration, innovation, and values-driven leadership across the broad best cfd trading platform health community in Maine and beyond.

Our Vision
The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership will help to improve the experience, outcomes and efficiency of the health system in Maine, so the state will be a better place to give and receive care and people will be healthier.

Our Values
The Center’s values are based on the principles that characterized Dr. Dan Hanley’s career as one of Maine’s most respected cfd trading platform in Singapore and effective leaders:

Collaboration & Inclusion
Hard Work

Daniel Hanley, M.D.

Daniel Hanley

The Center is named for Dr. Dan Hanley (1916-2001), a highly respected physician leader who earned an international reputation for his courage, innovation, collaboration, compassion and hard work.

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The Beijing Olympics and Dan Hanley's Legacy

2008 Hanley Forum Addressed Sustainability of Primary Care Services

2008 Forum

Nationally known physician leaders Dr. Bob Berenson and Dr. Allan Goroll keynoted the 2008 Hanley Leadership Forum in Portland. This year's Forum addressed the long term financial sustainability of primary care services in Maine.

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