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2008 Hanley Forum Addresses Sustainability of Primary Care Services

The 2008 Hanley Leadership Forum took place on Thursday, June 5 at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.

The Leadership Forum's theme was "Charting a Course Toward Improved Quality and Greater Financial Sustainability…What Will It Take To Preserve Primary Care in Maine?"

The 2008 Forum brought together the leadership of a select group of health and healthcare leaders who are deeply committed to preserving---and enhancing---vital primary care services in small and large communities throughout Maine.

The goal of the Forum was to:

  • Build increased awareness and understanding about the vital role that primary care plays as the essential bedrock of an effective health delivery system;
  • Identify the key barriers that stand in the way of the long term financial sustainability of Maine’s primary care system---and build a sense of urgency surrounding the need for payment reform;
  • Learn about the latest thinking relating to payment reform at the national level---and hear about strategies now being pursued by public and commercial payers across the nation;
  • Focus greater attention on several leading new payment models, including the Patient Centered Medical Home and then identify specific ways in which adoption one or more of these models could be accelerated;
  • Lay groundwork for greater alignment among organizations working to build a more financially viable primary care system; and finally,
  • Develop a set of principles that would guide a process for preserving primary care in Maine in the years to come.

The faculty for the 2008 Forum included several nationally-known leaders in payment reform:

  • The Urban Institute’s Robert Berenson, M.D., former head of physician payment at CMS during the Clinton Administration (view his presentation);
  • Allan Goroll, M.D., Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Robert Mandel, M.D., a key figure in an innovative payment reform model introduced recently by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts;
  • Chuck Willson, M.D., a North Carolina pediatrician who has been actively involved in a nationally-recognized payment reform model involving physician networks and a new approach to Medicaid reimbursement (view his presentation);;
  • Charlotte Yeh, M.D., head of the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Region One).

Attendance at the Forum is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Jim Harnar at

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In June 2004, the Forum focused on developing a Maine collaborative model for adopting and implementing screening and risk factor reduction guidelines as they are released nationally for implementation. Fifty statewide participants represented payers, hospitals, practitioners, public health groups and community-based Healthy Maine Coalitions, state agencies, employers, health educators, and quality assurance coordinators.

Using the Obesity Guideline, the Forum explored how collaborative leadership by Maine's health care providers, health organizations, state agencies, communities, and consumers can be leveraged to improve the link between favorable research findings and better health outcomes for Maine people.

In June 2003, the Center held its first Forum. The 2003 forum summary presents the discussion and ideas shared at the Forum.